Friday, November 5, 2010

The Black Death

A horrible disease struck Asia , Africa, and Europe in the 14th century. People called this disease the Black Death. In the 1340's it started in Asia and quickly spread throughout Africa and Europe. The signs of the illness were red ring shaped marks with dark center spots on the arms and neck, and high fevers. People died from this illness eventually after becoming even more ill from the disease.

25 million people died within only two years. The plaque had killed of 1/3 of Europe's population only in 10 years. People were trying to hide from the disease by locking doors trying to protect themselves. Flowers were carried to ward off the smell of the dead and dying. To contain and kill the disease, villages filled with the dead burned down. Nothing was seeming to work for the spread of the Black Death.

People thought the disease has come to an end, the outbreak came into a new cycle. A new rash of the illness would enter into the towns and move to villages. Rats and fleas carried the disease and people thought it was a punishment for being wicked. There was no sanitation in the towns, and that's where the disease hit the hardest.

Many people died from the disease. Peasants died young from malnutrition and simplest of the disease. For two years the outbreak of the Black Death continued. It wasn't discovered until the 20th century. It has a new name for today's world by the name of the bubonic plague. They now have a vaccine if the plague ever occurs again.

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